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Thuru seedpod is a unique innovation from Vibhava Solutions Pvt Ltd in partnership with SLINTEC – Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology.

The seed pod was developed from the technology of SLINTEC and Vibhava has the sole rights to manufacture and market the product in Sri Lanka under an exclusive licensing agreement

Thuru seedpods can be used as an effective and efficient seed transportation device and also as a unique gift item. It is developed with biodegradable material and also nanotechnology-based fertilizer is used to nourish the seed in the formative months.

The user just need to drop the pods on the ground and water them. Seedpods will start germinating the seeds and provide nutrients during the first few months.

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Thuru SeedPods


  • Generic seed pod is shown in the picture
  • Generic seed types are Siyabala (tamarind ), Anoda ( soursop), Bitter guard, chilies, ladiesfingers, beans, etc.
  • We will charge additional for customization. E.g. rare trees, branding of the seedpod, different colours, etc.
  • Our office is at Boralesgamuwa and we can deliver seedpods to any location.
  • We will charge a nominal delivery charge


  1. Find the most suitable place for planting your seed.
    1. Select a place with the right amount of sunlight.
    2. Also, make sure you have good soil. The type of soil depends on the seed type. In general, you may look for black moist soil which is the best for seed germination
  2. Make a hovel in the soil. Pods with small seeds be in a shallow hovel while larger ones will do better in a deeper hovel.
  3. Gently remove the lid from the pod
  4. Place the seed pod in the hovel
  5. Cover the seed and the pod with the necessary amount of soil
  6. Moisten the newly planted seeds with a mister or a small watering can. Let excess water drip away
  7. Water regularly to keep the seeds moist before they germinate. Too much or too little water may induce stress to the seed and you may not have the seedlings
  8. Wait patiently and take care until the sprout appears
  9. Continue watering the seedling as it grows. Use a mister or a small watering can to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Let the soil dry slightly between watering.
  10. Make sure your seedling gets the necessary amount of light. Plants grow tall and leggy when they do not receive enough light
  11. Take good care of your seedling until it is matures.
  12. Best to plant the seedpod before one month when you get the thuru seedpod . Generally, the germination process will take 10 to 30 days.