keeping the Earth Safe

Large-Scale Reforestation Projects

The forest plays a large part in keeping the Earth’s system in balance. Once the ax of deforestation tips the scales, nature fights back most noticeably with irregular rain patterns. When nature’s response turns in that direction, food insecurity follows quickly. Once hunger sets in, abject poverty trails closely behind, and life spirals into scarcity. Like quicksand, once you are in scarcity, it is challenging to get out. Scarcity affects all species, humans, animals, and the environment.

Trees are an essential part of helping the Earth regenerate groundwater resources, soil moisture levels, regulating rainfall, and the transpiration process. Trees are strong rainwater harvesters. Just one oak tree with a 100′ canopy can harvest more than 125,000 gallons of water in a year.

We as Thuru play our role as a party who would take care of our mother earth by handling reforestation & ecosystem restoration projects.

Thuru Reforestration

On-Going Projects

Mathurata Plantations – By LOLC Finance

We love what we do

LOLC is one of the largest financial institutes in Sri Lanka and they entered into a project of reforestation at Maaturata Plantations in a land of 50 acres. LOLC choose Thuru as their partner in this reforestation project.

The project predominantly launched in the Deniyaya ecosystem, covers a fifty-acre land area belonging to Mathurata plantations, while five acres of land from Miyawaki forest and Butterfly gardens are also sheltered. In addition to the restoration scheme, a biodiversity study and a carbon setting mapping are also fused to the same project with the intention of further elevating the expression of the complete project outcomes. The entire assignment will go on for a period of continuous 18 months with the treble partnership.