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What is Thuru?

Thuru in Sri Lankan local language means 'trees'. Thuru is a social innovation. We introduce new technologies to accelerate reforestation. We started our initiative from Sri Lanka with the aim to connect people with nature. We will expand into the region and other countries soon. We offer services to individuals and corporates to drive reforestation and restoration.




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keeping the Earth Safe

Large-Scale Reforestation Projects

The forest plays a large part in keeping the Earth’s system in balance. Once the ax of deforestation tips the scales, nature fights back most noticeably with irregular rain patterns. When nature’s response turns in that direction, food insecurity follows quickly. Once hunger sets in, abject poverty trails closely behind, and life spirals into scarcity. Like quicksand, once you are in scarcity, it is challenging to get out. Scarcity affects all species, humans, animals, and the environment.

Trees are an essential part of helping the Earth regenerate groundwater resources, soil moisture levels, regulating rainfall, and the transpiration process. Trees are strong rainwater harvesters. Just one oak tree with a 100′ canopy can harvest more than 125,000 gallons of water in a year.

We as Thuru play our role as a party who would take care of our mother earth by handling reforestation & ecosystem restoration projects.

keeping the Earth Safe

Urban Forestry

Deforestation continues to be extensive in the tropics, resulting in reduced soil water content. Reforestation is an effective way to recover soil water content, but the recovery depends on the type of reforestation efforts that are implemented.

Urban forestry is an integrated concept, defined as the art, science, and technology of managing trees and forest resources in and around community ecosystems for the psychological, sociological, aesthetic economic, and environmental benefits trees provide society. It emerged as a discipline in North America in response to better ways to deal with the growing importance of tree-dominated urban greenspace, as well as growing pressures on green areas. During recent decades an international urban forestry research community has developed, as has an increasing body of knowledge as well as new approaches and techniques. Urban forestry has close links to forestry but tends to be more multidisciplinary.



keeping the Earth Safe


We have started work on a few areas of research related to plant based extracts, nutriceuticals and foodtech.

We will soon explore our amazing biodiversity of Sri Lanka to expand its potential and connect with nature.

Our lab is at Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC).

keeping the Earth Safe


Thuru seedpod is a unique innovation from Vibhava Solutions Pvt Ltd in partnership with SLINTEC – Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology.

The seed pod was developed from the technology of SLINTEC and Vibhava has the sole rights to manufacture and market the product in Sri Lanka under an exclusive licensing agreement

Thuru seedpods can be used as an effective and efficient seed transportation device and also as a unique gift item. It is developed with biodegradable material and also nanotechnology-based fertilizer is used to nourish the seed in the formative months.

The user just need to drop the pods on the ground and water them. Seedpods will start germinating the seeds and provide nutrients during the first few months.



keeping the Earth Safe


To drive our impact we have realised that the real streght is to have our own plant network to resouces plants. So we have worked on building on a collection of plant nurseries or growers that collaborate,  and expertise to  grow, distribute, and sale of plants. These networks can serve various purposes, including commercial, educational, and conservation efforts. Here are some common aspects and functions of a plant nursery network:


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