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who are we

Thuru in Sri Lankan local language means ‘trees’. Thuru is a social innovation. We introduce new technologies to accelerate reforestation. We started our initiative from Sri Lanka and we have already moved to Nepal and Bhutan as well. We will expand into the region and other countries soon. 




O2 / Person



Join as a volunteer

Thuru Volunteer Network is now 60 people strong and our plan is to develop it up to 300 people from each country that we operate. Each Thuru volunteer need to organize one event in his area every quarter. You can be a volunteer by planting ten trees and upload our app OR by participating two or more events organized by Thuru Volunteer Network.

Please call Hasanka on 071 5960096

our mission

we are in a mission to plant 2 million trees

Let us make our country green again


Please inform us any harmful activities related to environment through info.thuru@gmail.com. We will inform relevant parties and try our best to mitigate the effect and take relevant actions.

Our Partners