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How it works

30 feet tree will produce 550 litres of oxygen per day. This is equivalent to the daily intake of a one grown up person

The app will automatically count the oxygen output based on the type of plant and number of months/years of the tree

You will get more points based on number of trees and the age of the plants

More points will be received for larger trees, endemic, rare and endangered trees

Climb the leaderboard and be a leader

Share your stories and be the inspiration for a greener world

Thuru Footprint

2209 Trees Growing

Oxygen Contributed for 79 People

About Thuru

Thuru Team is in a mission to plant 2 million trees by end 2018. Thuru App is a digital inclusion of reforestation drive initiated from Sri Lanka. We all have a responsibility to grow at least one tree and take care of until it grows to a big tree.

Thuru App is a facebook for trees. You can plant trees and upload images and details. It will automatically give you points, geo tagging and you can climb up in the leaderboard as a true nature hero. Longer you take care of the tree and upload images you will get more points. It will be your guide for trees and link up with like-minded nature lovers and treehuggers around the globe.

Through Thuru, we can get together & make ayour country a GREEN country again

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