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who are we?

Thuru in Sri Lankan local language means ‘trees’. Thuru is a social innovation that introduces new technologies to accelerate reforestation. We started our initiative from Sri Lanka and we have already moved to Nepal as well. We will expand into the region and other countries soon.

In 1990 there was 37% forest coverage in Sri Lanka and by beginning of 2016 it has reduced down to 28%, which is below world average (31%). So Sri Lanka is no longer a green country. Below 25% of forest coverage, Sri Lanka will face irreversible impact to its Biodiversity.

To increase forest coverage we need both crowd support and technology. Hence, we started our App and the organization, Thuru to get crowd engagement for reforestation. Thuru App is now available in Google Play Store and App Store.

A few trees taller than 30 feet will produce enough oxygen daily, equivalent to the intake of one adult. So we all have a responsibility to grow at least one tree and take care of it until it grows to a big tree.

Our goal is to plant 2 million trees through the thuru platform. To achieve our goals we have already partnered with many organizations and like minded people. One of our main goal is to make tree planting a trend among youth.