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thuru app

How it works

  • Thuru App allows you to upload a picture of the planted tree and allow you to share it among your network.
  • When you upload trees, it will ask for the tree type first and you can select it from the list.
  • Then it will ask for the location and you can pin it using a map.
  • Then after you upload pictures it will ask for date of planting and other related details.


  • It will act like a Facebook for trees.
  • Users can plant a tree and upload pictures and tag the tree with information
  • Planters will get points based on the number of trees they plant and a number of years they look after them.
  • A gamification features like Leaderboard, Badges, Medals. E.g. You can check the user with highest points. Higher you go, you will get badges and medals
  • Sharing your achievements on Facebook and other social media to make tree planting a new trend among youth.
  • A map of Sri Lanka with trees planted at various places with geotagging and details of the trees (Automatically prepared based on user input).
  • Automatic updates to users to report the status of trees they planted.
  • In addition to the App, we organize many events all around the country partnered with any organizations.
  • In addition, we bring in technologies like drones to accelerate tree planting.